Maine State Music Theatre decided to
forgo using a revolving stage, instead
opting for a set from scenic designer
Robert Klingelhoefer that magically
appears from the rafters and glides into
place from the wings of the stage. The
cast carries on what doesn't float or
glide, which is a choreographed thing
of beauty in itself.
The set is well-suited for the Pickard
Theater stage, providing a splendid
backdrop for this soaring musical about
love, loss, hope and salvation.
Boyle - Portland Press Herald
Unlike probably any set for Les Mis, it
is also one of the best imagined and
most functional unit sets I have ever
seen. Multi functional (you'll just have to
see it to understand) and awe inspiring.
                                                            Scott Moreau -
Paint Elevation
Les Miserables - Directed by Marc Robin - Lights by Jeff Koger - Costumes by Kurt Alger - Maine State Music Theatre -  2013
Les Miserables - Directed by Marc Robin - Lights by Paul Black- - Costumes by Beth Dunkleburger - Fulton Theatre -  2011
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